I’m a Mother, Wife, and Learning Coach?

In my life time, I’ve held many titles, now I am thrilled to add Learning Coach. In a previous blog I shared with you about my son who has Autism and about our exciting journey in life.

We’ve taken a new turn onto Home Schooling Avenue. We have jumped on and off of Main Street so many times, till taking this detour doesn’t seem strange or out of sorts for us.

My 13 year old, who loves Pokemon, Lego and video games is like most boys his age, except for health issues that have made us yield his education and sometimes his health has brought us to a complete stop!

This adventure is proving to be the most exciting yet. We are part of Great Lakes Cyber Academy and for the first time since DeAndre started his educational career he is enjoying learning. His program was created based on his IEP with us focusing on Math, Language Arts, and  Health and Physical Education. Our desire to home school was based on health challenges and my personal desire to know what type of education he was receiving.

The numbers show we are not alone.

Homeschool Demographics 2016

Chart Courtesy of: http://a2zhomeschooling.com/thoughts_opinions_home_school/numbers_homeschooled_students/

Three percent of American students — about 1.5 million children — are home schooled, according to the 2012 Statistical Abstract recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

As parents, we only have one time to prepare our children for adulthood. I, along with others, feel that this investment and at times sacrifice is critical for success.

What are your thoughts?

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It’s Always a Good Time to Focus

If you have been following this blog, you know that living authentically and realistically is my goal. As I ponder on that today, I am reminded of the awesome responsibility I have as a mother to create an atmosphere in my home that reflects my beliefs. In my home resides an environment that focuses on the social and academic strengthening of a very special person, my son.
As I strive to renew and recreate who I am as an individual, I also understand the importance of providing a solid foundation for my son to realize his strengths, gifts and talents. At the same time, I must stay informed and research the world my son lives in. My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. On the spectrum he has Asperger’s syndrome which is most prevalent in boys. If you are not familiar with this disease, the following article http://www.webmd.com/brain/autism/tc/aspergers-syndrome-topic-overview, is very informative.
My son is in the fourth grade which means I am as well. In order to provide a home that supports him, I must also advocate for an educational environment that supports him as well. As parents we must be active and present at the table of academia especially when our children have special needs. I admit it can be overwhelming at times, however, when I consider my son’s future and my desire for him to live independently and confident in whom he is I regain my focus and strength.

Chat with you soon,