It’s Always a Good Time to Focus

If you have been following this blog, you know that living authentically and realistically is my goal. As I ponder on that today, I am reminded of the awesome responsibility I have as a mother to create an atmosphere in my home that reflects my beliefs. In my home resides an environment that focuses on the social and academic strengthening of a very special person, my son.
As I strive to renew and recreate who I am as an individual, I also understand the importance of providing a solid foundation for my son to realize his strengths, gifts and talents. At the same time, I must stay informed and research the world my son lives in. My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. On the spectrum he has Asperger’s syndrome which is most prevalent in boys. If you are not familiar with this disease, the following article, is very informative.
My son is in the fourth grade which means I am as well. In order to provide a home that supports him, I must also advocate for an educational environment that supports him as well. As parents we must be active and present at the table of academia especially when our children have special needs. I admit it can be overwhelming at times, however, when I consider my son’s future and my desire for him to live independently and confident in whom he is I regain my focus and strength.

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You Have More Control Than You Think

Celebrating Life Anew is the name of this blog.  That name was chosen to reflect the mood and direction my sister and I have chosen to live our lives. We chose to create the world we live in and not to let negativity rule.  Turn on the news and either you are bombarded with violence, sex or greed.  That is the world we live in. It does not matter what country, state, city or town we reside in negative aspects of life engulfs our mind and thoughts every day.control

In my most recent blog, the conversation was about recreating ourselves and seeking opportunities that are true to our passion for life.  Today, I want to talk about what could hamper us from living our passion for life; the choices we make.

Lately we have had to digest all types of tragedy; natural and by the hand of man.  I ask myself daily how I can celebrate life with so much unrest in the world.  The revelation came to me that I choose to celebrate life. I choose to seek an authentic life. I choose to believe in a power greater than myself that works behind the scenes on my behalf for greater good.

Living is about making choices every day.  In every circumstance we face, we make decisions even if there are unconscious.  By making a conscious choice we take control of our lives and release into the atmosphere energy that speaks to the universe.  It is up to us to make a choice that releases positive or negative energy.

What choices will you make today?  Have you been struggling with making a decision about something that could possibly change your life?  Take control and make a decision, don’t let the decision be made for you.  It may not lead in the direction you desire.

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You’ve recreated yourself…Now What?

create yourselfIt is August yet it feels like September. I love when I can feel the seasons change. I can feel it and breathe it in and know that change is coming. Last month I shared with you the idea of recreating yourself.  What responsibilities did you release to free up time for what you are meant to do?

I’ve discovered that first it is a mental about face.  Over the course of time it is so easy to forget who you are if your focus has always been tasks performed for your job. The two tend to merge together if you are not careful.

I suggest you find the space you need to discover your authentic self.  What do you enjoy? What makes you feel like you are making a contribution to the planet that only you can make?  That is the exciting part of this discovery.  We are all unique and because of that we each bring something to the table that only we can bring.  Without our contribution something is missing from the fabric of life. Once you conquer the mental about face, hit the ground running!

You’ve discovered your passion in life. Now it is time to put it into practice.  I’m a planner who enjoys mapping everything out, but don’t spend all your time on planning. It is easy to get stuck there and spin your wheels. Action!  Create some action around your new found discovery. Consider a monthly or quarterly timeline in order to feel victory in small goals you establish.

As I share this information with you, I am putting it into practice for myself.  The world and opportunities in it are larger than we know when we busy ourselves with the usual routine of life. I challenge you and as I am challenging myself to step outside of the usual routine and begin creating the new you on the outside that mirrors the inside which has been waiting to venture in a new direction.

Chat with you soon,


Have You Considered Recreating Yourself?

Home Office Toys
Home Office Toys (Photo credit: cogdogblog)

Happy July 1st!!! The summer is leaving us quickly. We are thrilled to share some new and exciting happenings with Celebrating Life Anew Writing Professionals. As freelance writers we are also “solopreneurs” that seek to celebrate life using our gifts and talents.

As “solopreneurs” we are hired for our ability to think critically adding a unique blend of skill, expertise, talent and chemistry.

Speaking for one half of the team when I consider my undergraduate degree is in business administration and my master’s degree is in management, it was only natural that I would choose to use those gifts and talents as an Administrative Consultant.

Now you are probably wondering what is that? As an Administrative Consultant (not assistant), my job is to keep a business organized and moving forward. I provide monthly ongoing administrative support to clients in a one-on-one collaborative partnering relationship. I provide advice, guidance, analyze workflows and improve operations. I am able to work virtually so I am not limited by geography!

Simply put, I specialize in the business of the “art of administrative support”.

What new and exciting change have you made since we last spoke? The ability to create whatever we want is exciting and we should celebrate that ability every day!

If you have not created anything new in your life recently, I challenge you to take some time and reflect on what makes you excited. How can you take that excitement and transfer it into an opportunity to share with the world.

Chat with you soon,

An Apple a Day Will Not Keep This Doctor Away

Logo of the National Institute of Mental Health.
Logo of the National Institute of Mental Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you are suffering from a bad cough or back pains you seek out a doctor’s opinion in order to regain your strength, lower your temperature, or stop coughing.  If you are like some people I know, you will go to the pharmacy and purchase an over-the-counter medication to feel comfortable.  Just as we take the time to tend to our physical health, we must also invest the time it takes to ensure our mental health is functioning at its best.

Imagine a child who depends on you for their mental health.  Although somewhat dated, the 1999 Mental Health Report from the Surgeon General indicates that “Four million children and adolescents in this country suffer from a serious mental disorder that causes significant functional impairments at home, at school and with peers. Of children ages 9 to 17, 21 percent have a diagnosable mental or addictive disorder that causes at least minimal impairment” (Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General, 1999).

In this wonderful journey of life, eight years ago I was blessed to care for a child that has developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  His mental health is a priority every day.   The latest research from the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network finds that “1 in every 110 eight-year old children were diagnosable for an ASD” (Autism, 2012). If he had a cold, I would make sure to serve him orange juice, hot soup and other remedies to comfort and restore his health.  In a week, life would go back to its usual routine.

Not so with his mental health.  I cannot take anything for granted.  If you are a parent of a child who looks normal and most times acts normal except for the occasional head banging, refusal to use the toilet and is content in his own fictional world, then I have a few tips to make your life easier.

  • TIP1:  Make sure your child’s teacher, principal, social worker, and special education team are on your team.  You are your child’s number one advocate and he or she needs you to reflect that when you communicate with the team.
  • TIP2: Educate your family about your child’s diagnosis.  Sometimes an unformed family member’s perspective of the actions of your child  can create the wrong idea about your child’s behavior.
  • TIP3:  Be prepared for what you will need to say when there is a public outburst.  Choose the words you use with your child and any adults who will have a comment or two.
  • TIP4: Remember you are not alone.  Use the resources available to you and your child.  In the state of Michigan, contact your local county mental health agency.  In Oakland County a good resource is the Community Living Services (  Mental Health America( is a national organization with valuable information as well.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General. Rockville, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental Health, 1999.

National Institute of Mental Health.  Autism, 2012

The Journey of Freelance Writing

Cover of "The Journey"
Cover of The Journey

Writing has always been who I am as far back as I can remember.  As a child I had several diaries  with exciting stories of what I hoped to accomplished; accounts of reoccurring nightmares that plagued me for years;  blow-by-blow details of how I felt and viewed situations that were happening in my life and around me.   I discovered there is always something to write about.  When I opened my eyes, I discovered words in magazines, newspapers, sales papers, advertisements, websites, and the list goes on.  I began to see how I could become a part of this world were words are used to inform, delight, analyze, create, research and present.

In the blogs to follow you will see me focus more on my passions in life.  I will share tips on how to parent a child with autism spectrum disorder and how to use writing as a tool to heal from past hurts. In collaboration with my partner, my sister, Tisha we will also blog about tips to prepare students for their educational journey.  Finally, we will dive into life for women behind bars; what it means to be separated from children and love ones; and life after incarcerated.   Your feedback is always welcome and we look forward to future conversations with you.

Celebrating Life,