Legacy: Are you leaving the one you want?

What are some words that OTHERS use to describe you?

she-is-clothed-proverbs-31-25-taylan-soyturkHow do you want to be remembered? Does it matter to you? As a wife, mother and grandmother, the legacy I leave my family is very important to me.

In different stages of life, we think about what is urgent at the time. In my 20s, it was work, school and raising my son and daughter. In my 30s, I had a career, teens and a parent who needed me. I started over again and had a son at 38, imagine that. Oh yes, my 40s, a time of preparation. Now, I’m in my 50s (51 to be exact) and this is the best time of my life!!

I did gloss over an abusive relationship with the father of my children which lasted a lifetime. During that time, I did manage to obtain 3 college degrees and raise wonderful children who continue to bless me every day.

In 2014, I changed my story and moved an hour away from where I was born and raised. That decision changed my life.  It allowed me to discover who I was as a person; not a mother or employee. The two roles that defined me as a person my entire life. In 2015, I added a new role that I am loving: wife.

Today, I want to be remembered as loving wife committed to my husband; a mother who stood on principles and was able to survive the worst of times while shining my light preparing for the best to come. I want my grandbabies to remember the blankets I crochet, popsicles and all-nighters, and the special notes we share.

In the end, life is truly about relationships and I hope to add value to each person I come in contact with.

Make Today Count

Chat with you soon,


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