Have You Considered Recreating Yourself?

Home Office Toys
Home Office Toys (Photo credit: cogdogblog)

Happy July 1st!!! The summer is leaving us quickly. We are thrilled to share some new and exciting happenings with Celebrating Life Anew Writing Professionals. As freelance writers we are also “solopreneurs” that seek to celebrate life using our gifts and talents.

As “solopreneurs” we are hired for our ability to think critically adding a unique blend of skill, expertise, talent and chemistry.

Speaking for one half of the team when I consider my undergraduate degree is in business administration and my master’s degree is in management, it was only natural that I would choose to use those gifts and talents as an Administrative Consultant.

Now you are probably wondering what is that? As an Administrative Consultant (not assistant), my job is to keep a business organized and moving forward. I provide monthly ongoing administrative support to clients in a one-on-one collaborative partnering relationship. I provide advice, guidance, analyze workflows and improve operations. I am able to work virtually so I am not limited by geography!

Simply put, I specialize in the business of the “art of administrative support”.

What new and exciting change have you made since we last spoke? The ability to create whatever we want is exciting and we should celebrate that ability every day!

If you have not created anything new in your life recently, I challenge you to take some time and reflect on what makes you excited. How can you take that excitement and transfer it into an opportunity to share with the world.

Chat with you soon,

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