How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Start Writing Your Story Today!

The terms journaling, writing to heal and memoire writing are really buzzing these days.  Or could it be in this stage of my life, my priorities are changing.  My outlook on life and what brings me joy are taking on a new and different form.  For me, life has flown by in the sense that there are so many adventures I let pass by with the thought of getting to them later.  As I think back, my mind picks and chooses which pictures and stories to focus on.  As a mother and grandmother (yes, I know) the history to my life, events, and stories of family members who are resting in peace becomes a larger priority with each passing day.  I invite you to ponder with me as I consider how I want to be remembered.

How do you want to be remembered? Who will write your story?  Here is a concept, why not you.  Each of us has a unique story to tell; a tragedy or obstacle we have overcome. Not only will you bless someone with your victory, you will tell your story the way you want it told.  Our family and friends only know so much about us.  They only know what we feel comfortable revealing or talking about.  This is the reason I’ve decided to embark on my writing expedition.

There are so many untold stories floating around in my consciousness.  I am embarking on a journey to write creative narratives about pain and loss to heal.  According to Louise DeSalvo author of Writing as a Way of Healing, “by writing, we celebrate, too, our courage and survival.  Engaging in writing, in creative work, then, permits us to pass from numbness to feeling, from denial to acceptance, from conflict and chaos to order and resolution, from rage and loss to profound growth, from grief to joy.”  Who doesn’t want joy?

I encourage you to purchase a couple of journals and special pens, find some time alone with your favorite cup of tea, smooth jazz or classical and watch your pages begin to fill up.

Celebrating Life,


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