The Time for Change is Now

One of the most important decisions you can make in life, is to be true to who you are. Once I realized that writing is a significant part of me, the blinders came off. Immediately I was introduced to Sensible Business Consulting Group (SBCG) an awesome company with people of purpose using their talents and gifts every day. Without getting too involved in all of the products and services, I do want to share with you about their youth leadership development program.  It has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of youth.   Am thrilled I was offered an opportunity to join the writing team that creates and influences the company’s communications and the youth curriculum.

Influencer roles throughout the decision process
Influencer roles throughout the decision process (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SBCG has a proven curriculum designed to help youth look inside themselves to solve their problems.   There is something missing from the decision-making process in the minds of some youth today.  Tools to manage conflict, become a leader, create SMART goals, understand change, select friends and the list goes on, are just a few topics SBCG engages youth with. Youth are in need of guidance, love, discipline, education, direction, purpose and passion for life.

When I was asked to join the SBCG writing team, I had no idea the contribution I would be able to make in the lives of youth all around the country.  Jokingly, I’ve heard people say that being a parent doesn’t come with a handbook.  Unfortunately, many parents miss the boat as well when having children.  Even though children don’t come with instructions, parents have an obligation to seek the knowledge and direction needed so as to advocate for their child. Children must be taught certain principles from birth.  Children deserve preparation that will help them develop and establish healthy relationships.  Preteens need to know how to select friends before the sixth grade.  Teens need to know how to manage money and plan for their futures before their senior year in high school.  These are complicated times for youth.  Inschool curriculum must catch up with the times our youth live in. For more information regarding SBCG’s Youth Leadership Development Program please visit

Remember to celebrate life everyday, Renee

2 thoughts on “The Time for Change is Now

  1. keturah1

    The time for change is now! Very poignant. I began my blog,
    with the purpose of helping others to think differently about critical issues. To get people to think in ways unlike that of the mainstream media, to examine the facts for themselves. Our sites may approach change in different ways, but the logic is the same. Time to change into creative thinkers, critical thinkers. Where the mind goes, the man follows. I, too, made a decision that it was “time for a change, now.” This is my labor of love. Please visit and leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

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