Choosing the Path or Allowing the Path to Choose You

English: "The two main cloud types are St...
English: “The two main cloud types are Stratocumulus mixing with Cumulus in the foreground with Cumulus beyond” ~ Identified by (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The change of seasons is a great time to take inventory of where you are in your personal and professional life.  We live in a world whereby the media makes everything available, everyone’s ups and downs.  If you are not careful you can get caught in the trap of comparison. When I was younger I saw my adult life through a lens that did not project where I am today.  I have pondered the paths I did not travel for whatever reason and realized I am right where I am intended to be.

I do not give stock to things happening accidentally.  Positive perception is important to staying focused on possibilities that can shower your life.  I have discovered whatever the situation, no matter how it feels, look for the strength you need to continue making a difference in the lives of others.  As I ponder my journey in life, the opportunities, opened and closed doors, it is important for me to start at the beginning.

The anniversary of my birth is August 24th.  This is a special day. Not just because I was born, but because I lived.    God showed his grace and blessed my mother and father with me. My mother lost two boys, my brothers, before she had me.  My birth was grace and as I reflect on the past 45 years, I know that grace and mercy have accompanied me along this journey. Grace has protected me from bad relationships, bad decisions and mercy was there to lift me up when I stumbled along the way.

To be true to myself and the mission of Celebrating Life Anew Writing Professionals, I decided to operate out of faith and trust my internal compass as it led me away from comfort, familiarity and a false security. On the surface my career and accomplishments looked solid but what I truly wanted was to celebrate life and not be bound by what the world tells me I should do, but operate more out of the gifts and talents that I’ve been given.  You see, I truly believe that God is my provider.  He has provided for and protected me for 45 years.  There have been uncomfortable times in my life, but I have been of good cheer because I believe that God is much larger than what I see or can comprehend.  I am doing the things that I enjoy in life.  I choose to no longer allow someone else’s agenda to determine my future.

While the world is focused on how terrible the economy is, what are you doing to celebrate life?  Is your joy tied to the economy?  I hope not.  There is so much beauty, joy and harmony all around us.  I hope you take time to celebrate you. Celebrate all that you have to give to make the world a better place.

Celebrating Life,

Radiant Renee Truitt

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