What Does Every College Student Need?

More energy!

Every semester on college campuses across the nation notwithstanding time restraints and the challenges of the emotional and physical requirements of obtaining a college degree, the practice of assuming a full course load (in hopes of completing a degree program sooner than later) oftentimes spells disaster for many students. At the end of the day, the average college student’s plate is oftentimes simply too full to activate the creative and critical thinking skills required to complete in particular, college level writing assignments.

In fact, 12 credit hours per semester is typically considered a full-time schedule and less than 12 credit hours, part-time. However, many students tend to overlook the amount of time needed outside of class to prepare for coursework. Most colleges like the University of Houston (See the “Undergraduate Catalog” at www.uh.edu ) suggests 2-3 hours per credit hour in addition to classroom time to be the rule of thumb when determining study habits for a class.

As a result of taking multiple classes per semester and/or part-time or full-time employment, many students lack the physical and emotional energies to perform their very best academically. Seemingly, demanding courses like Composition I and II are among the first to be affected.

How higher education is accessed or experienced by most students should be reexamined. If the present day norm of piling on classes (more than 12 credit hours per semester) became the exception to a seemingly unspoken rule, a positive shift in how coursework is generally approached by students may be a likely outcome. A downward shift in the amount of credit hours taken each semester by college students may just lead to a more rewarding college experience.

Tisha Saccarelli

2 thoughts on “What Does Every College Student Need?

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