Why Do You Choose to Write?

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There is a story to be told.  It has been building over the last few months . . . the characters are coming to life and the plot is unfolding.

I have a wonderful recipe for dinner rolls to share.  It was handed down by my grandmother.  Perhaps a book of recipes is in my future.

My writers’ group met last Saturday and wow what a session it was.  The opportunity to build relationships with other writers is so important because of the support received.  I never feel alone being a part of this community.

When my son was diagnosed with autism, I decided to learn all I can.  I wrote an article, “Autism and Animation:  3 Tips to Engage Your Child” (http://voices.yahoo.com/autism-animation-3-tips-engage-10192509.html?cat=70 .)  A writer must be willing to learn.

Reading and writing in a quiet space . . . with jazz softly streaming through the room . . . releases stress, makes me happy, and fulfills my creative need.   Every day I strive toward my goal of healthy living.  It is important to develop a ritual, something that makes a writer feel comfortable or safe while writing.

Why do I choose to write?  I choose to write to tell stories, share information, build relationships, acquire new knowledge, and to meet my goal of health living!

Why do you choose to write?  Please leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Why Do You Choose to Write?

  1. I write about my experiences in foster care for two reasons. First, I want to remember them. Memories for me tend to get diluted by time. I think a personal history is a special thing to create. Second, other people seem highly interested in my subject matter. I love to share my stories with others through my blog.

  2. Hi Kristen, good to see you again. I totally agree that writing to keep memories alive is important. I read somewhere that if something is important to you, then it probably is important to someone else, so write about it. Thanks for sharing about being a foster parent. I don’t think a lot of people realize how large the need is.

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